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Mahogany, Lavender, and Periwinkle

Taste the Rainbow

Brotherly android drama
21 September 1984
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I'm Stanley, although my mother'd disagree with me using that name; maybe she's still bitter about the guy she divorced who had that name first.

I live in a house with a lot of junk and a lot of books, although would be happy to have less of the former and more of the later. I also live with various other organisms, including my lover and our cat, my landlord and his other tenants, three rats, seven cacti, and asorted bacteria.

I am probably more politically liberal than you, although I am probably not more politically liberal than Coleman Mccarthy.

I like women and I like men, although I'm not either and am currently fairly commited to only one in the person of ken_smind.

I quite like the quotation below, although it has little to do with me other than the name connection. I actually tend to get quite nervous when people get too close on the metro.

"The following morning the weather was so foul it hardly deserved the name, and Dirk decided to call it Stanley instead.
"Stanley wasn't a good downpour. Nothing wrong with a good downpour for clearing the air. Stanley was the sort of thing you needed a good downpour to clear the air of. Stanley was muggy, close, and oppressive, like someone large and sweaty pressed up against you in the tube train. Stanley didn't rain, but every so often he dribbled on you."
--Douglas Adams, in chapter six of The Salmon of Doubt


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